AHPS Membership distribution

At the end of 2001AHPS had 327 dues paying members, of whom 286 live in the US and 41 foreign.

Of the US members, here is the breakdown by state:

CA 46
NY 37
FL 21
NJ 20
MA 15
WA 13
TX, IL, and AZ 12 each
PA, OH, and OR 8 each
CO, MD, and MI 7 each
NC and CT 5 each
IN, MO, and VA 4 each
HI, MN, and DE 3 each
OK, IA, WI, TN, SC, RI, KS, and NV 2 each
AL, ND, LA, NE, ID, and NH 1 each

Thus we have 37 states represented.  Which are the missing ones?  That is left as "an exercise for the reader".  The figures may be biased towards FL as the snow birds had already migrated.

The foreign members are from:

Canada 16
Switzerland 13
United Kingdom 7
Mexico, Australia, France, Germany, and Japan 1 each

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